We will soon publish the details of how pupillage applicants can get their completed applications reviewed by a volunteer member of the Bar. We are enormously grateful to our volunteers, and welcome any others. If you’re a barrister reading this, please send me an email or twitter DM telling me your name, chambers, email address (not to be published) and specialisms.

After consultation, we will open this function on Friday 15th January. It will be open for your applications until Saturday 1155 23rd January. The applications will then be matched to volunteer barristers and returned to you in that week, allowing you a few days to reflect and update before the portal closes on 8th February.

Because we can only ask volunteer barristers to review completed applications, that means you have from now to the 23rd January to complete yours. Gerronwivit.

I hope to have more information by the end of the week. Stay tuned.