Coming soon…

There are plenty of topics that we didn’t have time to write about before the site was launched.

Not to fear – this website will be regularly updated!

We plan to publish new content, blogs from pupils and most importantly, video interviews with juniors. We hope that this will add interest, get you involved, keep the website up-to-date and ultimately support you in your goal of obtaining pupillage.

Below is a list of topics that *could* be added to the pupillage guide:

  • The characteristics, skills and experience that will help make a good barrister in a particular field
  • How to demonstrate aptitude and commitment to a specialist area or type of work
  • How to draft a strong cover letter and CV application
  • Discussion about how self-care and perspective are an important part of preparation during the interview season
  • A note on travel costs for interviews
  • A note on ‘reasonable adjustments’ at interviews and for pupillage
  • Discussion about different types of work experience (some achievements obtained after pupillage e.g. judicial assistants, SFO secondments) Pegasus Scholarships are excellent examples for under 7 years call to travel abroad. Do not think that you get pupillage and then it’s done
  • A note on how reserve ‘spots’ work
  • A note on what BPTC graduates can do to improve their chances
  • Interview questions, such as: ‘What have you been doing / do you intend to do between the completion of the course and the start of pupillage?’ Also, ‘Have you considered becoming a solicitor? If so, why did you choose the Bar?’
  • We will also add more information to the “New to all this?” section

What new content or further information would you like to see on this website?

Email us and let us know. You can also find us on Twitter as @pupillagehub



Future topics

Tomorrow’s topics today.