I wish this website had existed when I was a law student. Comprehensive and accessible, it provides the ultimate one-stop-shop for those seeking pupillage, providing impeccable advice from those who know. I can’t recommend it enough.

– The Secret Barrister

Today I bought both books on becoming a barrister I could find at Wildy’s. And then I discovered this website. I started reading and was so impressed I read it all. Truly exceptional and totally accessible advice on pupillage applications. Wow.

– Tom Hickman QC, Blackstone Chambers

Practical, careful, insightful, step by step advice about what works and what doesn’t from one pupil who’s walked the walk and another who’s heard all the talk. Does what it says on the tin!!

– Katie Gollop QC, Serjeant’s Inn Chambers

Beheshteh and Simon are to be warmly thanked in the profession for this friendly, readable, and to the point guide. They are at either end of the forest, one in pupillage and the other in Silk, one having been through it, the other stepping carefully deep into the woods, each bringing a no nonsense perspective to an area full of mystery for many. I imagine everyone coming to the Bar will soon be reading this.

– Iain Morley QC
High Court Judge in the Antilles, Inner Temple Bencher, Author of The Devil’s Advocate

This is a fantastic and timely resource. Candidates for the Bar need to be armed with as much information as possible; informed choice will help to demystify the process, and will undoubtedly help to improve access to the profession. I hope that as many people as possible will make the most of this guide.

– Hashi Mohamed, No5 Chambers

It may be corny to say so but every prospective pupil needs to read this guide.

One of the reasons why this guide will be so helpful and to some hurtful is that it does not hold back – it says it how it is. Pupillage is hard to get (and most won’t), but this guide can only improve your chances or make you realise it might not be for you.

– PJ Kirby QC, Hardwicke