It’s here! The Billable Hour cookbook is available for pre-order on this link –

You will want to order thousands of copies for Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Solstice celebrations/whateva. The benefits are multifold: it shows that lawyers have a life outside the law, which will console your family and friends. The recipes are contractually fit for purpose and of a reasonable standard. You will learn lots about the contributors, which will come in useful when you have an interview. You will get a nice warming glow inside.

Most importantly you will be supporting Billable Hour (, which raises an absolute shedload of money for Save the Children. However, to help you, this site is running a free competition. Interviews are coming up. We are anxious that you get the best chance to do the best you can.

We will award a copy of the book to the two worst interview stories (anonymous is fine: providing you tell us which Chambers it was we will cover up your identity) we receive by 1st May 2020. You can help others by helping yourselves. Of course, that won’t help you for Christmas so get on and pre-Order by midday 25th November! Email your story to us on the contact page here.

PS: Simon has a recipe in the book. However (*full disclosure*) in the interests of food safety and being a Silk he got his junior (ok, daughter) to provide it. So you can eat your Challah in safety.