The key information is:
Your class of degree. I’m really sorry to say this but if you don’t have an exceptional reason for your result then a 2:2 is no good. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, Megarry VC got a 3rd. But if you had to read 300 forms and throw 285 away and you could get rid of 190 by adopting this approach you would, wouldn’t you?
Your geographical home if applying to the provinces. Local candidates still tend to get preference. If you come from Wales, why do you want to practice in Leeds? It’s not as if our sheep are any more attractive surely?
What you want to do at the bar. Just on a personal note – if you want to be an advocate that’s fine by me. It isn’t necessary to specialise in contract law to get damages for someone who’s had a crap holiday – although there are some snotty solicitors who say it is. What are their hourly rates? But you should have some idea as between crime/civil/family. Obviously, the more specialist the sets you are applying to, the more this information will have to be precise.
Why you want to do it at the type of Chambers to which you have applied. Don’t be put off by the fact that the form is general. It’s what fortune tellers call a cold reading – “you will get a tax bill from the Inland Revenue”. So, “a mixture of practices means I can preserve my options as long as possible”. Or, “I have wanted to ensure that as many armed robbers as possible walk the streets of Manchester since my Uncle Jimmy went inside”.
Whatever makes you stand out from the crowd.