Welcome to pupillage and how to get it – V2.0!

This website contains a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind guide on how to get pupillage.

The hope is that the advice presented will demystify the pupillage process and that students, irrespective of background, will be able to benefit from it.

  • The pupillage guide stands at c. 17,500 words and has taken over 200 hours to create. (See the menu at the top!)
  • The site is currently being designed – please see the “Set selection” page to get an idea of what the finished website will look like.
  • The site still needs to be proofread, photos and links are also to be added etc.
  • The website also hosts a blog where we will post topical issues for discussion. 

The site is maintained by Beheshteh Engineer & Simon Myerson QC.

Future Plans Include: audio/video content e.g. interviews with juniors on their practice areas, pupil diary etc. We’d also like to link with other organisations/Chambers to make this a one-stop-shop pupillage hub.

Please give us your feedback!!! Email info@pupillageandhowtogetit.com