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Inn Scholarships – Updated

Thanks to my snout I am now in a position to give an inside view of an Inn Scholarship interview. The interpolations are mine. I arrived at the Inn very early for my interview [a good idea]. It was with the intention of doing some last minute reading and demonstrating...

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How to Behave in Court

We haven't had anything that passes as humour for a while. This is nothing to do with the merits of your case, but it is to do with getting a good result and being thought of as a coming young thing. The Magistrates Court. Distinguish between lay Magistrates and...

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Great Expectations

I toyed with the idea of calling this post 'Wall of Shame Redux' and inviting posts on the topic of interviews and feedback, rather than the accusations which have bedevilled the last post. However, I thought I ought to make my position clear where it can be seen by...

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